Special Manufacturing


System Solutions: Namerah provides system solutions with the capacity to meet all requests of our customers with customer focus. In line with the demands, requests of our customers are fulfilled with the most economic solutions from product scale such as single girder or double girder travelling bridge cranes, portal cranes, jib cranes or process cranes. Also, manufacturing of transfer car, grill cleaning machine, fixed puller cranes are made aside from the manufacturing of cranes.
Transfer Cars: These are the systems allowing easy carriage of the load on lateral plane.
Grill Cleaning Machine: This is used for the routine cleaning of grill used to retain impurities in front of the holes allowing water inlet.
Fixed Puller Cranes: These are the cranes that are used to transfer the load by pulling it during the carriage of the load on lateral axis or from inclined surface with diversion pulley according to location of the load to be carried.
Rotating/Horizontal Bridge Carrying Systems: These are the systems that allow transportation of locomotives from one hallway to another in fast and safe manner between maintenance hallways during locomotive or car maintenance / repair process at railway transportation. Also, rotating bridge units provide system solutions providing angular direction to locomotive and changing the direction of the locomotive.