Process Cranes


These are FEM class, heavy duty type cranes that are manufactured as 500 tons and more for high capacity that may meet the requests of companies in energy sector or Iron-Steel sector, heavy industry. These cranes operated under difficult operation and dense utilization conditions are specially designed as customer focused and projected with high engineering infrastructure and for which load attachments may be used. Namerah has undertaken large projects, of which construction is completed, both in Turkey and various countries in the World because of it is the leading crane company of Turkey relating to process cranes. Casting cranes, charge cranes, ingot cranes (with traverse, magnet, fixed or having rotating table), scrap cranes (with bucket, polyp or magnet) tundish cranes, of which manufacturing still continues at our production site or of which production is completed render services at large international establishments.


Namerah Crane Industry provides competition advantage with the size of its indoor area, human resources, financial structure, project designing and production processes as well as it creates difference in terms of date of delivery by manufacturing numerous cranes simultaneously without any problem.