Travelling Cranes

Load capacity of our standard double girder travelling bridge cranes is between 1 ton and 63 tons. In case of carrying more loads is necessary


Gantry Cranes

These are cranes that are preferred for the load carrying applications at indoor or outdoor areas. Also these are systems where bridge girders

gantry crane

Jib Cranes

It provides advantage by using to carry loads to desired destination at narrow areas within the buildings. They are very economic for areal uses


Process Cranes

These are FEM class, heavy duty type cranes that are manufactured as 500 tons and more for high capacity that may meet the requests of companies in energy sector.


Crane Equpment

Bucket: It is used for the purpose of carrying any kind of poured load.
Polyp Bucket: It is used for the


Special Manufacturing

Namerah provides system solutions with the capacity to meet all requests of our customers with customer focus.